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It's a travel nightmare - you arrive safely at your destination only your luggage doesn't. So, if you've experienced Newcastle Airport lost luggage read this helpful guide.

Newcastle Airport Lost Luggage ...

Many holiday makers suffer from either Newcastle Airport lost luggage, even in today's modern world of computer tracking systems.

So read on if you've experienced Newcastle Airport lost luggage and need help and advice on how to claim. Or, if you've suffered from Newcastle delayed baggage, Newcastle stolen baggage or Newcastle damaged baggage.

Firstly, when your Newcastle Airport luggage gets lost you need to contact the airline and report it immediately. To find the contact details of your airline carrier enter their name into the box below:

When Your Luggage Gets Lost ...

When your luggage is lost the British Airports Authority clearly state that the individual airline who was carrying it is responsible for the management and security of your bags.

So, should you luggage get lost you must immediately report it to the Lost Baggage Desk at the airport.
You'll need to give a description of your bags. You'll then be issued with a tracking number so you can monitor the progress of your bags by either the telephone on online.
In addition to describing your Newcastle Airport lost luggage you may also be required to give details of the contents. You may also need to provide receipts for any items you will be claiming for.

Once your claim has been settled it's unlikely that the amount will be the amount your missing goods amount to.
Most airlines won't declare your luggage as lost until they've been missing for a certain amount of time. British Airways for example declares baggage as lost after 21 days.
It's after this time that you may be entitled to compensation from the airline. However, many airlines say that they are bound by the Montreal Convention to paying passengers around £800 per person in compensation for their lost luggage.
It may be your airline ask you to claim via your travel insurance. However, not all policies or insurers offer cover for bags stowed in the aircraft hold. However, as previously stated by British Airports Authority they are responsible for your luggage.
Connecting Flights
If your trip includes several connecting flights, yet you only have to check your bags in once at the first flight you are able to claim against any one of the airlines. They will of course blame each other but they are bound by the Montreal Convention.
LRTs - Limited Release Tags
LRTs are Limited Release Tags that the airlines use on certain types of luggage to try and remove responsibility when carrying them - this can include musical instruments, sporting equipment (surfboards) or prams and buggies.

However, if they refuse a claim because your luggage has been issued with a LRT then they are in breach of the Montreal Convention.

Newcastle Delayed Baggage ...

As stated by the Montreal Convention a passenger's luggage is termed as 'delayed' for a period of 21 days. After this time it's reported as missing.
For Newcastle delayed baggage some airlines might offer customers a one-off payment to cover emergency purchases such toiletries and underwear. This amount however is normally limited to a set amount.

Other airlines pay a set amount of money per day up to a certain number of days, whilst others need to see receipts for goods bought and then reimburse you.

However, if your bags aren't traced and found after 21 days they are officially considered lost and you can make a claim for lost luggage.

Newcastle Damaged Baggage...

When assessing your claim for Newcastle damaged baggage most of the airlines will make a payment that's based on the value of the damaged baggage and/or  its contents.

They are also able to ask for receipts for goods that have been damaged and that you are claiming for.

If it is just the suitcase that is damaged the chances are you'll be given an immediate replacement from their store cupboard.

Newcastle Stolen Items ...

It is difficult, almost impossible, to claim for stolen items from your baggage. This is because it's very difficult to prove that there were in your case to start with, and normally you won't notice until you have returned home.

Therefore, if travelling with valuable items try, where possible, to carry these in your hand luggage or not at all. Also, use the highest quality luggage you can afford.

It's also worth noting that many airlines actually have a clause in their terms and conditions that states they don't accept responsibility for valuable or perishable such as camcorders, cameras, mobile phones or jewellery. Also, if you've packed goods in your luggage that are listed as “items unacceptable as baggage” stated in the airline’s conditions of carriage. They will also say that these goods aren't covered for compensation.

This is arguable however as to whether it's in breach of the Montreal Convention.

Help And Advice ...

The following help and advice could help you either try and prevent lost luggage to the best of your ability, or help you when making a claim:
  • Make a list of everything you've packed so you can use it as an inventory

  • Place a piece of paper with your name and address written on it inside each piece of baggage, just in case your luggage labels fall off

  • Companies such as Flymycase which will transport your luggage anywhere in the world for a small charge

  • Keep your receipts for goods you have pack in the event of a claim

  • Pack your valuable items like jewellery, cameras or mobiles in your hand luggage

  • Always travel with travel insurance - for helpful unofficial information visit our Travel Insurance Page

  • Use brightly coloured luggage that might stop other passengers mistaking it as their own, it can also deter thieves!

Organisations To Help ...

If you are having trouble claiming for your Newcastle Airport lost luggage, Newcastle damaged baggage, Newcastle stolen baggage or Newcastle delays baggage contact the below organisations for help and advice:
  Helpful Organisations
Citizens Advice Bureau
Provide legal advice on lost luggage and insurance claims.
Global Bag Tag
Service to trace lost baggage worldwide.
Fly My Case
Service which will fly your bags to your destination for a small fee.
Civil Aviation Authority
Air Transport Users Council
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