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When you are considering buying flights from Newcastle Airport read this helpful guide to get the best deal and price on your tickets. This Newcastle Airport Book Flights guide gives you all the unofficial information you need to know.

Buy Flights - Newcastle Airport ...

With so many ways in which to buy flights for Newcastle Airport you should be able to get a good deal.

Here we give some insider tips on the different ways you can buy flights from Newcastle Airport whether you are buying online or through travel agents.

Plus, we also provide links to online bookings for Newcastle flights.


Helpful Tips ...

Before you start to research your flight deal be armed with as much unofficial information about your travel as possible. By having the flight dates, destination and desired airports you'll be in a much better position to get a good deal.

Shop around for a good deal, including looking in newspapers, websites, travel guides and tourist boards.
Another good thing to know before you start your shopping around is what airlines fly from Newcastle Airport - click here to our Terminal Information section.

Buy Flights From Newcastle ...

General Help & Tips
Bear in mind that the airlines can make hundreds of changes to ticket prices each and every day so shop around for a number of days. And don' be put off if you can't find a deal that suits you straight away. Leave it a day or two and then try again.
It's worth getting lots of quotes and seeing if any operator will price match.

Equally, if you get a good deal straight away book it as it might change again.

If you can be flexible on your flight dates and times you could get an even better deal. Certain days of the week are less popular and therefore cheaper, the same with certain times of the day. Also, smaller airports can be cheaper to fly in and out of.
If you're going to ring travel agents or airlines direct do so either first thing in the morning or later on in the evening. This way they will be less busy and have more time to help you find a good deal.

And always ask about any deals that are coming up and haven't yet been advertised.
Nested Tickets
It may be, if you are a frequent traveller, that you consider booking nested tickets.

Nested tickets work when a regular midweek fare is twice the price of an excursion fare (includes a Saturday stopover) to the same destination.

For example, you have been quoted £150 for a flight from Newcastle to Belfast return going out on a Monday and coming back on the Friday of the same week but you can find a return that requires you to stay for a weekend and is priced £75 or less, it is worth buying a nested ticket.

Buy a £75 excursion return ticket leaving on Monday and coming back late in the next week. Then buy another £75 excursion return ticket with the outgoing flight from Belfast on the Friday of your return to Newcastle. The return journey of this second ticket should be dated early in the next week.

Nested tickets can save you money, even if it does seem a little confusing - so get a travel agent to help if you want to use this option.
Split Tickets
Or consider is buying split tickets. This is when you break up your flight by changing at an interim airport instead of flying direct.

Again, get a travel agent to help you with this booking option.
Low Cost Airlines
Low cost airlines offer flight prices for just that - low cost. However, to get the low cost you must book months in advance, as the closer you get to the flight date the more the ticket price increases.

Always remember that flights are sold in single trips and not return. And also that you need to include airport taxes.

Always book online for the best possible price.

Delays & Legroom ...

Here are some tips on avoiding delays and getting some extra legroom:
  • Nearly all major tour operators who operate their own airline, like Thomson, allow you to pre-book seats for a small fee.

  • See if you can pre-book a seat when booking the flight. You can always find out what plane you are travelling on, find a seat plan online and book the seats of your preferred choice.

  • The best flights to book to avoid delays as much as you can is either a very early morning flight, or one last thing at night.

Upgrades ...

Upgrades are few and far between but if you get 'bumped' onto another flight you might well get a complimentary upgrade.

Bumped is when the flight is over booked and passengers are asked if they would mind going on the next available flight.

If you agree to be bumped always ask on the condition of an upgrade. You are also likely to be offered travel vouchers or airport spending vouchers.

Travel Agent Bookings ...

If you book through a travel agent get the best deal you can - they want your booking as the airline will pay them a commission for your business.

Ask about any up and coming offers on flights and holidays too. It might be that you are better booking your travel the next day to get a better deal.

When getting a quote from the travel agent get a quote that gives specific details on your travel - the actual airline, airport and flight times, named accommodation etc.
Cut Out the Middleman
  • Another way to try and get a discount is if you work for a large company that has deals with travel agents. A union might also have offers you can take advantage of.
  • Booking direct for flights and hotels will always get you a better price. Try the internet. You can also book your transfers if you do go the direct route rather than through a tour operator.
  • Or you could consider being a courier for your flight? This service requires you to be very flexible on travelling so ideal for back packers. It normally saves you about £100 on a short haul flight.
  • European city breaks can be easily booked online, saving a lot of money.

Online Flights ...

Websites like Expedia offer good holidays and flights. What's really helpful too is their listing of all airlines and their flight times and departure airports.

If you book online try to use larger UK sites only and only book if the flight is covered by Atol (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing).

Your online booking will be confirmed via email. Here your Atol protection will be confirmed (but only if Atol is available on this deal - make sure you check before buying the flight or holiday).

Consider visiting where you can bid on a flight. Normally this can save you around 25%, however always check the small print before you buy as often these flights come with many limitations.

Websites like are worth checking on a regular basis. Here you'll be made aware of special offers and discounts as and when they are offered.

Forum groups are another great way of finding out about deals - and also a way of asking questions to experienced travellers. Go to and search for "" or "".

Travel Agents & Fare Searchers ...

Try getting quotes through the below mentioned companies:
Travel Agent Website
Air Net
Bargain Holidays
Cheap Flights
Deck Chair
E Bookers
Fly Now
Last Minute
Major Travel
Sky Deals
The First Resort
Thomas Cook
Trail Finders

Links To Online Bookings From Newcastle ...

Here are links to airlines for you to get a quote online:
Airline Website
Aer Lingus
Ryan Air
British Airways
Air France
Air India
Air Jamaica
Air New Zealand
American Airlines
Buzz Away
Cathay Pacific
Easy Jet
Iceland Air
Kenya Airways
Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Air
Thomson Fly
Turkish Airlines
United Airlines
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